Timing Belt Repair & Replacement

Timing Belt Repair & Replacement

Timing belt replacement for all makes and models

Timing Belt Replacement:

  • All Makes and Models
  • Timing belt and tensioner replacement
  • Inspections and diagnosis
  • Water pump replacement
  • ASE certified technicians

Your vehicle's timing belt is one major component that must be serviced on a regular basis. The belt keeps the crankshaft in sync with the camshaft while the engine operates. Your timing belt ensures proper timing and operation of the valves, when this belt breaks engine damage is unavoidable.

Under power, or at speed, a broken timing belt may cause irreparable damage to your engine. Each vehicle's manufacturer will recommend a timing belt replacement intervals from 60,000 miles to every 105,000 in most cases. In addition to the belt, tensioners & water pump replacement may be recommended at this service.


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