COVID-19 Procedures

At The Auto Station, for a little over 40 years, we have had the core value of always doing what we can to help not only repair our customer’s cars but to also take care of our customer’s needs.  In this environment with the unprecedented event of COVID-19, we are adjusting our processes.  We are aware that our customers still need to keep their vehicles in top running condition, and we want to offer safe solutions to do that.  

Starting immediately, we are going to offer you two alternatives as we strive to continue to meet all your vehicle needs:

Option One:

Come see us just like you always have and then behind the scenes we will:

  • Sanitize each vehicle when you drop it off
  • Continue our efforts to keep things clean as we work on the vehicle
  • While inspecting your vehicle we will give you two options to look at any item we find on your car:
    • As always, offer the option to have you come out into our shop to look at the item/items yourself
    • With a new digital inspection process, you can see exactly what we are looking at on your PC or even your phone
  • Once we finish your repairs and maintenance we will once again go over the contact points with a sanitizer a second time

Option Two:

We are also now going to offer a SOCIAL DISTANCING form of service.  

  • With this, you can call us to let us know your car is coming in
  • You can use our early bird envelopes out front to give us the legal authorization to work on your vehicle
  • Once your envelope is complete, you can still drop it through our slot in the front door
  • We will do the sanitization processes listed above.
  • When we are done, we will put your keys in one of our lock boxes and put your receipt in your car

With the second process, there will be 100% social distancing since you won’t even need to see our smiling faces.

With both of these processes, we now have three processes for payment if you are using a credit or debit card.

  • We are always happy to meet in person to run your card
  • We now have a card by text payment option that will allow us to take your credit card payment via a text message 
  • We also do take cards over the phone

Both the second and third options obviously are more social distancing friendly.

We want you to know we will go above and beyond to make sure we do our little part to keep everyone safe in the current environment of COVID-19.  

Please feel free to call our service staff with any questions you have.  (303) 789-9988


Al Anderson